CSSC has the aim of providing communication between:

  • pupils and the Head
  • pupils and the Governors of Chard School
  • pupils and the staff
  • pupils and the parents, and
  • pupils and themselves

Two representatives from each Junior class (years 3, 4, 5 and 6) meet once every half term. The two House Captains act as Chairman and Secretary, but do not cast votes. The Deputy Head, Mrs Lindsay Dumble, presides over the meetings.

Each term the classes vote for a boy and a girl representative, and new representatives and House Captains are chosen each term.

The class representatives are responsible for representing the opinions and ideas of their tutor group at meetings, and reporting back to their tutor group afterwards.

Meetings follow a formal agenda, and each girl and boy representative from each class is given the opportunity to raise items for discussion. Items are discussed as a group, then representatives vote FOR, AGAINST or NON-VOTE. If the majority vote FOR, then the item is passed on to the relevant person/body, eg.

  • the person responsible (eg. a member of staff)
  • the Head
  • the Friends of Chard School
  • the Forum
  • the Governors

Minutes from the meetings are sent to the Head, displayed in the Dining Room, and kept in a file in the Dining Room.

CSSC provide useful feedback to the Head and staff. The Council have campaigned to:

  • ensure the school has a policy on eco-friendly light bulbs
  • obtain blazer badges for Monitors, Librarians and House Captains
  • allow stick insects to be kept in the Science Lab
  • obtain more playgroup toys and activities
  • obtain clocks in the changing rooms and Library
  • have repairs made to rugby balls

CSSC have been consulted regarding changing the merit award certificates to colour-coded blazer badges, and their ideas and opinions were instrumental in making this change.