The ISI Inspection Report

Following inspection in June 2019 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, Chard Prep School has received an impressive report.  Head Teacher Katie Hill said “What was most pleasing was to hear the ‘love of Chard Prep School’ that the Inspection Team had experienced from the whole school community. I am proud that the report acknowledged our school’s broad and balanced curriculum which enables all children to make good progress.

The inspectors were struck by the children’s positive attitudes to learning. They recognised Chard Prep School pupils to be effective independent learners who demonstrate resilience, self-discipline, good cooperation skills and effective decision making. The inspection team commented on the excellent behaviour of our children and their supportive approach towards one another.

The report also noted the empowerment of Chard Prep School pupils and the strong and positive contribution that the school is making to the local community.

Katie Hill said “As a school we feel very proud of the high academic, artistic and sporting achievements of all of our children which are achieved within our nurturing and caring school. Chard Prep School will continue to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential whilst instilling in them a love of life-long learning.”

The full report can be viewed below:

Chard School Full Inspection Report