In November we took part in Maths Week England and the children enjoyed a range of fun activities on a Mathematical theme.

Symes went on a shape hunt around the classroom after helping the shape superheroes save all the circles and triangles! Meanwhile Horner used their knowledge of part whole models to write number sentences and to begin adding more.

In the Prep School Wyndham enjoyed a special Maths Week conference call with 87 schools from across England. They learnt about symmetry and shape and investigated how to make snowflakes using their Mathematical knowledge. They looked fantastic!

On the Wednesday Harris, Lower Cerdic and Upper Cerdic took part in the ‘Maths World Cup’. The children were pitched remotely against other schools across the country in a competition which combined dance, listening and times tables.

Harris class also created some Maths based artwork looking at patterns with 2 and 4 lines of symmetry. What beautiful designs they made! Meanwhile Lower Cerdic took part in an exciting online Zoom session with one of the creators of Maths Week England 2022, Andrew Jeffrey, who taught them about KenKen puzzles.

What a fantastic Maths Week we had… our thanks to Mrs Pielesz, our Head of Maths for organising this exciting activity week for our school!