In November we were lucky enough to ‘borrow the moon’ for a week! Children from all classes were able to hold meteorites of 4.6 billion years in age and all marvelled at their density and magnetism. Everyone had the opportunity to handle actual lunar samples brought back to the Earth by the Apollo space missions in the 1970s. Most of the samples are still in the USA but NASA have loaned some to the UK to be borrowed by schools and other educational organisations to inspire future space travellers.
Over the course of the week our children engaged in various ‘lunar rock’ activities. The children were ‘meteor hunters’ where they had to identify meteors amongst a range of earth rocks and fossils. Fossils seem mere babies in age compared to the meteors! Wyndham worked with Pre-Prep and were expert instructors telling the younger children about the meteorites. Upper Cerdic also took part in a lively debate about moon conspiracy theories. A space themed Assembly was held where Cerdic children presented detailed studies about moon missions, meteors, asteroids and comets. They even had an interview with an astronaut!
Huge thanks to our Head of Science Mrs Halford for organising this fabulous, inspiring week for our children!