The children had a wonderful ‘French Day’ on Tuesday, organised brilliantly by Madame Bartolli. Everyone had great fun following their team leaders around a carousel of activities. As well as the essential ‘Petit-déjeuner’ and ‘Boules’ competition, the children got to take part in a ‘Flap the Croissant’ relay race and they had to scour the school for objects to complete the ‘Alphabet Hunt’ activity. Madame Downing also showed the children the art of pointillism and each team had to reproduce a different painting by George Seurat, which they did to great effect.

In the prize-giving assembly, Horner and Lower Cerdics delighted the audience with some songs they had prepared in their French lessons and there was also a very impressive ‘surprise’ performance by two talented mime artists from Upper Cerdic – Zach and Mason. Prizes were given for the most creative costumes and finally the overall winners were announced. It was a tight-run competition but, this year, Mademoiselle Jennings’ blue team won the day with an impressive 87 points overall. ‘Bravo les Bleus’ and well done everyone on another successful French Day!