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A record seven Chard School pupils were delighted to receive the news that they achieved an eligible score in the 11+ test that they sat in October at Colyton Grammar School. All seven pupils are now invited to apply for a place for entry in September 2018. This is the highest number of pupils that have received such a score in the test at Chard School.

Colyton Grammar School, in Colyton, Devon is a selective school and has enjoyed great academic success ranking it amongst the best schools of its type in the country.

Headmistress Katie Hill said “We are delighted that 70% of our Year 6 pupils who sat the Colyton entrance exam have gained an eligible score and been invited to apply for a place at the school. This is a great achievement for the children and reflects the hard work and dedication that they have applied to their learning throughout their time at Chard School.”

Many congratulations to pupils Charlie, Harry, Josua, Evie, Taryn, Yingen and Isabella.