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Poetry Recital Assembly

On Wednesday morning the chapel was overrun with spiders, cats, witches, Kings, Queens and even a wolf amongst other brilliant characters straight from the verses of some of Britain’s most celebrated (and well-loved) poems as we held our much anticipated Poetry Recital Assembly.

Our pupils showed off their recitation skills beautifully: Symes recited ‘Cats’, Horner entertained us royally with ‘The King’s Breakfast’, Monmouth and half of Wyndham told us the story of ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’, and the other half of Wyndham gave us the Roald Dahl version of ‘Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’. Harris told us the story of ‘The Spider and the Fly’, the Lower Cerdics gave us ‘Macavity the Mystery Cat’ and the Upper Cerdics were splendidly witchy in their recitation from Macbeth.

Many thanks to all those of you at home who helped with costumes and props and also to Mrs Lewis, Mrs Snell, Mrs Downing and Mrs Squires for coaching the children and providing us with such a wonderful morning! Bravo!