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Termly Fees

The Governors maintain the fees at a level which is lower than any other local independent school.  This is of public benefit and has meant that the education provided by the school is much more widely available than to any other local independent school.  The level of fees is such that the fee level for all pupils is more than comparable with fees at other schools that may be reduced by assisted places/bursaries.

Full-Time Termly Fees 2017-18*

Year 6                                        (Upper Cerdic)         £2457 per term

Year 5                                        (Lower Cerdic)          £2457 per term

Year 4                                        (Harris)                      £2457 per term

Year 3                                        (Wyndham)               £2457 per term

Year 2                                        (Monmouth)             £2148 per term

Year 1                                        (Horner)                    £2148 per term

Reception (Symes & Lower Symes)**                       £2090 per term

Before-School Club, Prep Club & Extra-Curricular Clubs (unless delivered by an external provider) are free of charge. After-School Club (4.30 – 5.30pm) is chargeable at £5 per child for the session.

*  Hot lunches are chargeable extras, for more information, click here
** Early Years Funding available

Part-Time – Reception        (Sessions 8.50am – 12.35pm and 12.35pm – 3.30pm)

Children can attend Lower Symes on a part-time basis for a minimum of two sessions. For further information on the costs of sessions please contact the Finance Officer, Mrs Anna Vickery in the school office (accounts@chardschool.co.uk or 01460 63234).

There is a 6% reduction in fees for a younger brother or sister once the younger sibling is in full-time education. For a third child, there is a 12% reduction, the discounts will only be applicable as long as all qualifying children from that family remain at the school. Registration Fee (non-refundable): £50 (payable when submitting a Registration Form)

Refundable deposit: £200 (payable with the first term’s fees when a child enters the school and refunded when the pupil leaves the School minus anything owing).

Fees are charged per term, and are payable in advance on or before the first day of each term.

If a pupil is withdrawn from the School, a term’s notice, in writing, must be given. Failure to do so will result in a term’s fees being charged.

Please click here to request a prospectus for the school.

Educational Nursery: The Lawns Children’s Nursery @ Chard School              

For information about fees for the nursery, please email enquiries@thelawnschildrensnursery.co.uk